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vulnerability management
for devops, cloud, container
and third party security

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Detect vulnerabilities upto 3 months ahead of other vulnerability scanners
Track servers, source code, containers, cloud instances and third party assets 24x7 for vulnerabilities without agents or intrusive scanning
Over 4000 (and growing number of) sources for curating the latest vulnerabilities in real time


  • No agent, no-scan vulnerability detection up-to 3 months earlier than other scanning solutions.
  • Complete security for your entire DevOps pipeline including detecting vulnerabilities, code secrets and configuration issues in your infrastructure or cloud.
  • Suitable for all kinds of assets
  • Easy, DevOps friendly asset discovery
  • Early signals from machine curated vulnerability intel
  • Alerts and filters to decentralize vulnerability notifications across business functions
  • Powerful API and SDK to integrate with popular ecosystems and tools like ServiceNow, JIRA, Slack

Machine curated vulnerability intel

Every day the long tail of vulnerabilities keeps growing. Understanding whats relevant for your environment without loss of focus is critical for effective mitigation. ThreatWatch does just that so that your security analysts and operations staff can focus on the most relevant threats.

Superior Coverage of Vulnerabilities

Hundreds of different software and hardware stacks, open source libraries running on a multitude of different operating systems get exposed to vulnerabilities each day. You can rely on ThreatWatch for its ever growing coverage of threats that matter to you. ThreatWatch covers a broad spectrum from vulnerabilities in processors, kernels and operating systems to content management systems, Docker containers, DevOps tools, IoT devices, GitHub repositories and much more.

Faster Vulnerability Discovery

Months can pass before vulnerabilities are published to a vendor advisory or receive a CVE number. This leaves your organization exposed to attack. ThreatWatch discovers more previously unpublished vulnerabilities, weeks sooner than traditional vulnerability scanners.

Instant Impact Analysis

How does a threat impact me?

Understanding the vulnerability impact requires a very nuanced approach with careful consideration of the overall context , operating environment and overall risk appetite of the organization. ThreatWatch looks beyond severity ratings and CVSS scores and learns from user feedback to achieve a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Flexibility of Virtual Assets

Representing risk requires business context and that means modeling services that are powered by underlying assets. Symbolic assets is a powerful mechanism to get a business centric view of risk in terms of vulnerability exposure. They provide a logical representation of a collection of assets and services to effectively manage the volume of incoming vulnerabilities. They also reduce the overheads of scanning for vulnerabilities in a large environment.

Zero touch Assessments

Scanners and agents impose a huge cost in terms of resources required for regular vulnerability assessment. Threatwatch helps reduce these costs with touchless solution that doesn’t require scanner appliances or agents.

Workflow Integration/Remediation

Powerful API and SDK allows for integrations with ecosystems and tools like ServiceNow, JIRA, Splunk, Slack and more, enable customers to realize more ROI from these investments and leverage them for improving the security posture of the enterprise.


DevOps / DevSecOps

ThreatWatch empowers developers to take control of securing their containers and code dependencies. Backed by easy discovery using twigs, AI-powered, machine-curated vulnerability intel and no-scan continuous assessments, it helps teams to put security hygiene at core of their devops practices.

Enable developers to take care of security hygiene easily by giving them an easy way to self-certify their code, images and artifacts. No more waiting for centralized security teams and tools to run scans for you.

Inventory all your devops assets like container images, container instances in dev, test or production, code repositories, and open source dependencies as often as you like using our simple open source CLI – twigs.

Establish a baseline assessment and let ThreatWatch do the rest — continuous vulnerability assessments without ever scanning, backed by unmatched machine curated vulnerability intel.

Focus your devops resources in fixing the vulnerabilities that really need attention based on tunable AI driven metrics like exploitability and dark web activity.

Easily integrate with devops pipelines like Jenkins, or JFrog to enable continous vulnerability assessments a part of devops security hygiene.


No-Scan Vulnerability Assessments for Datacenter and Cloud

Discover and protect all your datacenter and cloud assets using low impact discovery and no-scan continuous vulnerability assessments.

Use twigs to discover all kinds of assets easily and without using a cumbersome agent.

ThreatWatch’s inline continuous impact assessment reveals vulnerabilities in real time and allows you to integrate with downstream remediation and ticketing workflows.

Prioritize remediations using our action score to decide what needs to be fixed now. Action score is determined for each vulnerability that affects your assets depending on factors like exploitability, social temperature and dark web activity for the vulnerability.


Third Party Vulnerability Assessments

ThreatWatch provides a path to comprehensive, uniform and prioritized vulnerability assessment information from your third party vendors. No wasting resources reconciling disparate reports and data formats from various scanners.

Depending on your relationship with the vendor, your risk perception and vendor’s willingness to share, our approach allows you to jointly determine the right balance between security, privacy and automation. Regardless of the privacy level you agree upon, asset and assessment information is always represented in a uniform and secure format.

On-board your vendors securely with a few clicks and empower them to manage all their shared assets, assessment results and privacy options. No heavy agents or scanners required. Collaborate with your vendors on the shared vulnerability impacts that matter to you and prioritize their remediation. No more going back and forth over email for this.

Reduce your dependence on one-time scan reports, risk management questionnaires or vague risk scores. Just the true, inside-out, continuous vulnerability assessment picture for all your vendors.

Outside-In assessments are helpful, but no longer can be considered sufficient to protect yours and your customer’s sensitive information to the exposure created by your vendors. They don’t assure you comply with your vendors being as secure as you are. ThreatWatch provides a path to uniform, comprehensive inside-out exposure to vendor risk to assure they are as secure as you are.


Real Time Vulnerability Intel Feed

Don’t waste resources in searching for latest vulnerabilities, patches, remediations and exploits. Get the latest vulnerability intel delivered to your inbox in real time.

Our superior machine curated vulnerability intel is generated 24×7 using the advanced AI and NLP algorithms from thousands of sources across the internet and dark web. This gives you the most up to date picture of the vulnerability universe including their dependencies, advisories, patch and remediation information, exploits and other indicators with complete context.

Never miss an update for older vulnerabilities as they evolve. Keep track of the most important vulnerabilities as advisories, patches, workarounds and exploits are published by vendors or other sources.

Tailor the vulnerability intel feed to your requirements. Reduce the noise by using our ThreatFilter to get the vulnerabilities that you are most interested in. Then get them delivered to your inbox as real-time alerts.


  • For Security and Risk Management Leadership

    Understand risk for critical vendors and services for effective planning and execution of risk mitigation programs.

  • For Security Pen-Testers / Red Team

    Use constantly updating knowledge base of cutting edge vulnerabilities and exploits to understand weaknesses and effective planning of the security testing / red team exercises.

  • For Security Engineers and Operations Staff

    Identify vulnerabilities in container images and dependent third party libraries. Identify patches and mitigations for operating systems, networking gear and critical service infrastructure.

  • For Threat Analysts

    Co-relate vulnerability data with other relevant data sources like malware and IOC (Indicators of Compromise) to provide relevant intelligence to plan for mitigations.

    Identify chain of vulnerabilities that might get exploited, work with operational staff to provide subject matter expertise and plan mitigations.

  • For Security Program Managers

    Generate rich reports based on the desired level of granularity and with varied combinations for upward and downward reporting. Understand trends, backlogs for building effective short and long term program objectives. Get relevant data for making prudent investment decisions.


Free Tier

  • Test your source code repository, container or cloud images
  • Get results instantly
  • Track vulnerabilities for up to 5 virtual assets
  • Easy signup
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Small Business

  • Perfect for small teams
  • No agent, zero scan
  • All DevSecOps features plus Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Protect you source code, containers, cloud instances and much more
  • Track vulnerabilities for up to 15 virtual assets
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Managed Service

  • Ideal for small, medium or large enterprises
  • Unlimited user signups
  • Dedicated cloud hosted and secured instance with on-premise option available
  • Additional instances available as you scale
  • Track up to 5000 assets / per instance
  • SKUs available for Third Party, Devops, Cloud and Infrastructure vulnerability assessment use cases
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Our mission is reduce the window of compromise from cyber threats using big data and AI. Hackers are increasingly using AI and automation breach our systems. Conventional proactive security using vulnerability scanners is no longer able to keep up with the deluge of vulnerabilities. Scanning itself is redundant and does not scale well to todays demands. Attack surfaces are becoming more and more fragmented. Proactive security is woefully outdated and our adversaries are always ahead of us.

ThreatWatch combines the best of big data processing and AI techniques for curating the best vulnerability intelligence.  It protects all kinds of assets without the need for agents and redundant scans. And it gives you early prioritized signals on vulnerabilities impacting you which may help you prevent data breaches.


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