A virtual hand from us to you!

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The past few months have been challenging for us all, so we’re sending out a virtual hand to our DevSecOps Colleagues in the form of our Threatwatch SaaS offering at no cost for organizations that need a quick way to secure their Server, Container and Repository environments, while we all deal with the global pandemic.  Whether you have a handful of systems that you need to keep complaint, or want to give your DevOps team the capability to secure their code, we’ve got you covered.  No time-limits, no auto-bill, no catch – enjoy our best in class machine-curated threat intelligence database to keep your systems safe and secure.  Visit our website or click the link below to provision your account.


The Threatwatch Free Tier, is available for personal and commercial use.  The only requirement is an email address for credentials, we will not ask for any other personal information or payment details.  During provisioning you have the ability to have Threatwatch model the types of systems on your network so no scanning is required.  We support assessment on your live systems using a simple open source script available on our Github site.

Which systems will be covered?

Threatwatch provides full Vulnerability Management support for Servers (Most OSes covered), Containers, and Code Repositories.  You will gain visibility into all vulnerabilities weeks before they appear in CVE databases and assess code issues such as insecure open-source libraries and restrictive licenses in real-time.

Sign up at https://threatwatch.io/getfree or click the button below.

Provision Threatwatch Free-tier Account